OPERI Year End Review and Look Ahead

Eight founding members created OPERI (pronounced “O-per-e”) a little over a year ago. During the ensuing months considerable effort was spent fine tuning our message and determining how to most effectively advance our cause. The OPERI website will be revised over the summer to reflect what was learned. Currently it contains a compelling list of … [Read more…]

Response to the OCDSB Response to the OPERI Presentation

Below is the text of an email sent June 26th, 2016 to Shirley Seward and copied to the OCDSB trustees and director. It is a response to the response received by OPERI from the Board after the June 7th presentation. OPERI has since received an email from Shirley saying that we could freely share the contents of these … [Read more…]

Pursuing Change

Follow-up to June 7th Delegation Last night OPERI presented its proposal to the Committee of the Whole of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. The trustees gave us a good hearing and were generous with the time they allowed for our answers to their three questions. After the presentation, trustee Shawn Menard emailed me saying … [Read more…]

Why So Stuck?

Why we remain so stuck in the inadequate old system of public education has been answered in a number of ways. Deborah Meier in David Cayley’s 1999 CBC Educational Debates spoke of a lack of thoughtfulness for the long-range consequences of school reforms. She described educational leaders as “filled with a kind of chutzpah” who thought, “I … [Read more…]

The OCDSB Secondary School Review Needs A Rethink

We need a game changer, but the current set of recommendations for the OCDSB Secondary School Program Framework do not begin to accomplish it. The review is essentially a repeat of what the Board did in 2000-2001 with its New Vision for Secondary Schools. Little changed as a result of it, and little is likely to change as a result … [Read more…]

“Living and Learning” – The Hall-Dennis Report

Living and Learning Living and Learning, better known with reference to its principal authors as the Hall-Dennis Report, was commissioned by the Ontario Government and published in 1968. It stands out as perhaps the best report on education ever commissioned by a government. If its recommendations had been properly implemented, public education would probably now … [Read more…]

Where to after Beyond Measure? – Making Change Happen

An OPERI Report March 2016 www.operi.ca Comments from people attending the Ottawa screening of Beyond Measure and the follow-up workshop repeated the view that public education is failing in ways that have dire consequences for students. There was no immediate consensus on how to correct the system, which prompted one participant to say that we … [Read more…]