What You Can Do

Sign our petition. Get others to sign it. Mobilize your community. Share your views with your school board trustee. Become an OPERI volunteer. Consider becoming a school board trustee. Change in education needs public support. Innovative educators who want to explore real alternatives need to know we are with them. Contact Richard if you have … [Read more…]

Rights and Resources

Printable copy We are led to believe that “equal opportunity for all” is a priority goal of public education, but it can never be realized with traditional schooling. Young children in one class can have a superb teacher, while in the class next door the children can have a considerably less effective teacher. High school … [Read more…]

Trust and Equality

“What are we going to do with them if they already know what we are going to teach them?” This is a question that exposes deep-rooted flaws in traditional education. It confirms that schools as we know them really are the assembly lines many people accuse them of being, the lock-step learning environments that turn … [Read more…]