Can you help?

Throughout March we will be concentrating our efforts on increasing support for the OPERI petition. If you have not already done so, please lend us your support. Would you also contact people you know who might sign it, and encouraging them to get a couple of their contacts to sign it, and so on the numbers can grow.    … [Read more…]

Trust and Equality

“What are we going to do with them if they already know what we are going to teach them?” This is a question that exposes deep-rooted flaws in traditional education. It confirms that schools as we know them really are the assembly lines many people accuse them of being, the lock-step learning environments that turn … [Read more…]

The Churchill Alternative School Council Announcement

The following is how the Churchill Alternative School parents worded the announcement of their Beyond Measure screening in the OCDSB School Council Newsletter. Help them to make a success of the event by supporting them in whatever way you can.  “Churchill Alternative School invites you to a special screening of Beyond Measure, an inspiring documentary … [Read more…]

What to Look For in Beyond Measure

Every country that has a public education system based on the industrial model is facing the problem of its schools being obsolete. The film is therefore internationally relevant to anyone wanting to support the shift to a 21st century learning model. High Tech High, which the film producer, Vicki Abeles, describes as one of the most vibrant and innovative … [Read more…]

OPERI Year End Review and Look Ahead

Eight founding members created OPERI (pronounced “O-per-e”) a little over a year ago. During the ensuing months considerable effort was spent fine tuning our message and determining how to most effectively advance our cause. The OPERI website will be revised over the summer to reflect what was learned. Currently it contains a compelling list of … [Read more…]

Response to the OCDSB Response to the OPERI Presentation

Below is the text of an email sent June 26th, 2016 to Shirley Seward and copied to the OCDSB trustees and director. It is a response to the response received by OPERI from the Board after the June 7th presentation. OPERI has since received an email from Shirley saying that we could freely share the contents of these … [Read more…]