New post: The OCDSB Secondary School Review Needs A Rethink 

OPERI shares ideas about how children learn best and how public schools can be remade to treat each child most appropriately. Below is a sampling of what notable people are saying about public education as they stress the need for change. The views of many more can be found through the OPERI Facebook group – OPERI – Public, the Twitter account @OttawaOperi and the OPERI blog. Please subscribe to these efforts and encourage others to do likewise as we help to inform the public of alternatives that have been neglected for far too long.

OPERI is a strong advocate of public education not only for its potential to fully meet the learning needs of all children, but also for its community building capacity. You’ve heard it said that it takes a whole village to raise a child, but we need to work harder at creating the kinds of villages that make this possible. One underlying condition is that students attend their neighbourhood schools where people pull together to make these places into hubs that support their whole community.

OPERI is based in Ottawa, and it hopes to provide an example of how any community can be mobilized to bring about real change in public education. In the words of a school superintendent who is struggling to change his board’s thinking, the needed “shift will only occur as a result of pressure (groundswell ) from within, and enormous pressure from community.” OPERI is seeking to share and learn with other communities intent on creating this pressure.

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