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OPERI is an effort in one community to raise awareness of a real alternative to traditional schooling. It presents a simple pilot program designed to help people imagine a vibrant school system that taps into the infinite, rich learning possibilities available in the community and beyond by overcoming the constraints of public schools.

The most distinguishing feature of the pilot is its respect for students. They are treated as people who want to make the most of their lives according to their individual interests and talents. This respect is believed to be essential for young people to mature into caring and participating adults who are able to cultivate a sense of wellbeing in themselves and others.

The pilot begins with secondary students, but this is only a starting point. Innovative educators working with younger children can build on it. With us all standing to benefit from a public education system that meets today’s needs, we all need to ensure that this promising alternative is thoroughly and scientifically investigated. It is important to note that the pilot is not presented as the answer to problems with public education, but rather as a way to get answers. Please learn about the pilot and reflect on what it offers to teach us. Hopefully you will agree that it needs to be tested and then sign our petition requesting the Ottawa Carleton District School Board to implement it in some of its high schools.

Below is a sampling of what people are saying about the current state of public education. The views of many other people can be found through our OPERI Facebook group – OPERI – Public, our Twitter account @OttawaOperi and the OPERI blog.

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