OPERI is dedicated to the wellbeing of children. To this end, it is building public awareness of promising ideas for the revival of public education, how to properly investigate these ideas, and how to adopt the ones that work.

A simple pilot program is the cornerstone of OPERI’s efforts. It provides a starting point for incremental change that progresses in an orderly fashion at a pace controlled by the readiness of people to accept greater change. The power of the program is that it eliminates formal scheduling, which has been described as the greatest impediment to educational innovation. With it gone, the world of infinite learning opportunities is opened for students and people can begin to imagine schools as vibrant learning communities meeting the needs of all.

Most people are aware of struggling students, those at risk, and those who drop out. These we know our schools are failing, but Alfie Kohn’s video tells of harm that is also being done to high achieving students. We can do better. We must do better. The pilot offers a way to overcome the problems and improve the lives of all students.

By signing our petition, you provide support for innovative educators and students who want to make real change happen. Encouraging others to sign it helps with the all important task of building the public awareness needed to make change happen.

Below is a sampling of what people are saying about the current state of public education and the direction it needs to take. The views of many other people can be found through our OPERI Facebook group – OPERI – Public, our Twitter account @OttawaOperi and the OPERI blog. Stay connected by joining our social media.

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