Working to make public education everyone’s first choice
by putting every student first.


OPERI is promoting a pilot program that serves as a starting point for systematically determining the most suitable new model for public education.

  • It provides innovative teachers with a chance to pursue real change.
  • It immerses students in learning the skills they need for independent, lifelong learning.
  • It cultivates creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.
  • It builds community and fosters equality.
  • It promotes wellbeing and friendship.

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The program runs for one semester as a choice for 25 students in their community secondary school. Talk to people in your school about offering it for your students. Parents of young children, help us to get it established for when your children enter high school.

We believe it answers how we can move from the industrial model of education to a model that suits today. We’re bridging the gap between old and new. Learn more about it through the pages of this website.

The OPERI Facebook group is our primary tool for building awareness of the latest thinking on education. It contains a wealth of articles, videos and catchy quotes. The OPERI Recap is provided to help people manage and share the many items being posted to the group. Join our Facebook group and send us an email to receive the Recap – info@operi.ca.

Below is a sampling of views on the current state of education and what we can do to make it better. Also see the post in Uniting for Children and Youth titled: Eight Reasons to Vote for Innovative Thinking.

Short Videos

Videos from the Ottawa Community