There is a wealth of information about how children learn best and how schools can nurture their wellbeing. OPERI is sharing this information to raise awareness of a new model for education that puts children first. Join our Facebook group OPERI – Public for ongoing updates about what is being said and done to create a new age of learning.

Private schools and homeschoolers have been the pioneers of the new learning model, but more and more we are seeing public educators breaking the bounds of traditional schooling. Recognizing that the majority of students will continue to attend publicly funded schools, OPERI is working to increase the opportunities for educators to pursue suitable learning options for these students. A pilot program promoted by OPERI provides the opportunity for students to try a new way of learning without changing schools. From these programs we can gain insights into the benefits to doing things differently and explore how to transition to a different learning model.

The pilot program is designed for secondary schools, but the concept of schools-within-schools that it applies can also be used with elementary schools. Blue Sky School and Revel Academy are two new independent, not-for-profit Ottawa schools that are opening their doors in September 2017. The programs they offer could be housed in community schools and serve to build awareness of the route to making public education more relevant for younger students. Although OPERI is a supporter of public education, it brings attention to schools like these and homeschoolers who are contributing to our understanding of engaging learning environments.

Change is needed not only for students “who do not fit the mold.” It is equally needed for other students, including high achievers. The following recent posts in the OPERI Facebook group support this view.

It is therefore perceived to be in the interests of everyone to help get beyond school as we know it. This does not require sudden massive change. It only requires allowing those who want something different to pursue it in their community schools.

Below is a sampling of what people are saying in the effort to create a better life for students. The views of many others are found in the OPERI Facebook group. Our Twitter account @OttawaOperi and the OPERI blog also help to keep people informed.

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