What You Can Do

Sign our petition. Get others to sign it. Mobilize your community. Share your views with your school board trustee. Become an OPERI volunteer. Consider becoming a school board trustee. Change in education needs public support. Innovative educators who want to explore real alternatives need to know we are with them. Contact Richard if you have … [Read more…]

Rights and Resources

Printable copy We are led to believe that “equal opportunity for all” is a priority goal of public education, but it can never be realized with traditional schooling. Young children in one class can have a superb teacher, while in the class next door the children can have a considerably less effective teacher. High school … [Read more…]

Trust and Equality

“What are we going to do with them if they already know what we are going to teach them?” This is a question that exposes deep-rooted flaws in traditional education. It confirms that schools as we know them really are the assembly lines many people accuse them of being, the lock-step learning environments that turn … [Read more…]

The Churchill Alternative School Council Announcement

The following is how the Churchill Alternative School parents worded the announcement of their Beyond Measure screening in the OCDSB School Council Newsletter. Help them to make a success of the event by supporting them in whatever way you can.  “Churchill Alternative School invites you to a special screening of Beyond Measure, an inspiring documentary … [Read more…]