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Throughout March we will be concentrating our efforts on increasing support for the OPERI petition. If you have not already done so, please lend us your support. Would you also contact people you know who might sign it, and encouraging them to get a couple of their contacts to sign it, and so on the numbers can grow. 
The petition is not some radical action. It is a responsible call for the implementation of a pilot program designed to open people’s imaginations to the idea of schools as community learning centres.
It serves not only to demonstrate the public’s wish that all education options be properly explored; it is also a tool for building awareness of how things can be different. Every related conversation generated is therefore helpful. People don’t have to be an authority on the topic to ask others to consider it. It is enough to convey that the pilot is worth doing and direct them to the petition where they can find out more about it. Additional information can also be found on the OPERI website.
The petition will be ongoing through 2017, but we have chosen March, May, September and November as months when we will give it extra effort. Your support to get numbers up through March would be much appreciated.

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